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These are hard times for the world. With the increasing number of people losing their jobs, their car payments outstanding, and their houses on the verge of being repossessed, most people are looking for additional sources of earning quickly. There comes a time these days when you get to hear " If only I could win a lottery!"

One easy way to increase your chances of winning the lottery or any game of chance is to use ancient astrological principles from India, principles that will show if you can win at all a big sum and if so to choose the date and time to buy that lottery ticket or play the game of chance.

One easy way to increase your chances of winning the lottery or any game of chance is to use ancient astrological principles from India, principles that will show if you can win at all a big sum and if so to choose the date and time to buy that lottery ticket or play the game of chance.

How does one find out if he can win at all? Here are some ways according to astrology...

(a) Your birth horoscope is the position of the nine planets in the 12 zodiacal signs along with the most important first house or the Ascendant, that is, the sign that is rising in the eastern horizon at the time of your birth. So take a close look at your birth horoscope.

(b) According to the traditional Hindu astrology, the houses to be looked at are the 2nd, 5th, 8th, 9th, and the 11th house from the ascendant to determine the state of your finances. The 2nd house is the general house of your money situation, the 5th is the house of your good deeds in your previous birth, the 8th house is the house of unearned wealth like lottery, gambling, legacy, inheritance. The 9th house is the house of luck and the 11th the house of gains. So check these houses. See if there are benefic planets like Jupiter, Venus, Mercury occupying them. Find out where the lords of these houses are placed. Are there any benefic planets aspecting these houses?

(c) If the lord of the 2nd is in the 2nd, 5th, 9th or the 11th, it is a sure sign that the person will be wealthy at some stage in his life.

(d) If the lord of the 5th is in the 5th, the 9th, the 2nd or the 11th, then also the person will be wealthy.

(e) If there are benefic planets in the 8th house like Jupiter, Venus, the person will get a legacy, win lottery or game of chance.

Someone posted a comment on one of my blog entries that contained an implicit query as to why we don't hear about astrologers and psychics winning the lottery. I've actually run across this question before, so I decided to take my stab at answering it. It's pretty easy to figure out why this astrologer hasn't won the lottery--I don't buy tickets. I have zero interest in the lottery. Often, when there's a big jackpot, my boyfriend will say "have you bought your ticket yet?" And the answer is always no. But if I was interested in the lottery, would astrology help me win it?

Obviously, since I don't care about the lottery, I haven't done any kind of comprehensive study of lottery winners, but I'll give my opinion anyway. It appears to me that events that are apparently dependent on random luck (like winning the lottery) are not evenly distributed. They may follow the rules of probability, but probability doesn't dictate an even distribution. It seems I read more often than I'd expect to about people who win the lottery more than once. Sometimes they win different kinds of lotteries, and sometimes they win the same type of lottery twice. Certain vendors also seem to sell more winning lottery tickets than an even distribution would suggest.

It also appears that lottery winners are not the happiest of people, at least the ones who win the big jackpots. Now I may just think this because of media bias; maybe there are thousands of blissfully ecstatic lottery winners out there with $315 million each, living lives of unparalleled joy, unconstrained by any normal human problems whatsoever. Maybe the media just doesn't report on them. But I do recall reading a fairly extensive article on California lottery winners once (the reporter tracked a bunch of them down I think) and a surprising number of them were broke.

So I kinda think that winning the lottery isn't a one-way ticket to Nirvana. I think instead that having millions of dollars just handed to you for no really good reason is actually an extremely disruptive and stressful life event. Any huge change normally is, and that's a pretty big change.

I also think, and I have no evidence for this whatsoever, that few people have life paths that call for this kind of disruptive change, and those that do are likely to experience them repeatedly until whatever purpose that this kind of change is intended to serve is fulfilled. I only think that because I believe that life is indeed purposeful, whether we are conscious of it or not. That is a matter of faith, though, and I certainly can't prove it.

If there's an astrological symbol for this kind of sudden wealth and drastic upheaval, my guess is it would be Pluto, or perhaps a combination of Pluto, Uranus and Jupiter. Pluto is sometimes a symbol of staggering wealth, and it is also a planet of drastic change and indeed of dealing with the dark side of any subject, including wealth. It is also not a "fair" planet, and it does not seem to me that the lottery is intended to be a "fair" reward for hard work, good character, or anything else. I don't actually know if there's any correlation between these planets and the charts of lottery winners since I haven't looked at any.

But it's my guess that a knowledge of astrology would not change a person from someone whose life path was not particularly well-served by a confrontation with this kind of event into someone whose life path was. You could call this point of view a cop-out, since in a way it amounts to saying that some people have the kind of "fate" that predisposes them to win the lottery, and some people don't.

But of course, this isn't much different from saying that winning the lottery is a matter of luck--which is the conventional view.  Which brings me back to my original assertion, that I have no interest in winning the lottery. As long as you buy your ticket, winning the lottery seems to be an event over which you have no real control (unless there's some way to cheat the system, I suppose). And dreaming about events over which I have no control is exactly the opposite of what I use astrology for.

To me, asking why astrologers and psychics and so on don't win the lottery is like asking why every person who believes in God isn't a millionaire.  There's no law against people of faith becoming millionaires, but it's entirely beside the point of having a religious faith (at least in my opinion). For me, having faith doesn't make me somehow superhuman or more liable to "strike it rich;" it's about being less alone in the universe while I'm busy being very human.

And astrology to me is about having a tool to use while I'm being that human person of faith. It isn't about winning the lottery or about having magic omnipotent powers. I don't believe in magic omnipotent powers, and sometimes I think that puts me in the minority.

I feel like I live in a culture that tries so very hard to convince me that winning the lottery or becoming very rich or having magic omnipotent powers is exactly what I should want. It's not just astrology or the lottery--it's everywhere. "Amazing Miracle Diet--Lose 180 Pounds in Two Days!" "Make Millions in Real Estate with No Money Down!" "Follow the 7 Highly Effective Principles of Success and Never Experience Failure Again!" "Learn the Amazing "Secrets" of Wealth and Power!" "Never Be Lonely Again!" "Guaranteed Relationship Success!" "Find the Perfect Job; Make Millions From Home!" And on and on.

We live in an advertising-driven culture, and what we seem driven to advertise is a magic, one-size-fits-all cure for all of life's ailments.  Astrologers and psychics are just as guilty of this as anyone else, I'm sure, but they're not alone. And I ain't buying it.

There are many, many things in life it is desirable to have or experience. Love, health, wealth, a nice home, family, children, fulfilling work, a good sex life, an ability to dance, creative talent, time to enjoy life, education, intelligence, and a nice garden, to name just a few. For me, astrology happens to be one of those desirable things for many, many reasons. But not one of those desirable things will solve all of anyone's problems.

Healthy people can be miserable, and unhealthy or even severely disabled people can be not only very productive but inspiring and inspired. Rich people can be lonely, and often are. Intelligent people don't necessarily enjoy life, and people can be surrounded by love yet struggling with the darkest of depressions. There is no "get out of being human free" card.

There are no magic wands. None of us ever really wants to believe this. I don't myself. I often wish there was a magic wand, and sometimes I pretend there is one. But then I go back to that faith that I have no evidence to prove, and I decide that my purpose is to be the human being that I actually am, the one that loses her keys, doesn't win the lottery, and sometimes gets very crabby over extremely trivial matters. That's who I am, not some kind of magic wand-waver.

And then I go back to astrology. Because astrology is all about what it's like to be a very human person, confronting all the same dilemmas that humans have confronted for thousands of years, without a magic wand, but with some willingness to try and understand for myself and others, what this human experience can be.


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